WOW Fusion®

Microneedling & Mesotherapy

WOW Fusion®

“WOW fusion is an award-winning innovative treatment delivering a bespoke fusion of 3 Skin Rejuvenating treatments; Micro-needling, Mesotherapy and Microtoxin resulting in smoother, healthier and youthful looking skin. Now that’s WOW!”

What is WOW fusion® ?

The WOW fusion® device is a small sterile medical device with 20 titanium 24k gold plated needles, each 0.13mm in diameter and thinner than a human hair. Following a comprehensive skin consultation discussing your skincare needs, a bespoke skincare ‘cocktail’ will be created and deposited into the epidermal/dermal junction layer of the skin, for a truly tailored signature service.

The WOW fusion® device is lightly stamped into the skin and is a fusion of Micro-needling, Mesotherapy, Skin nutrition with the added choice of Microtoxin.

The Micro-needling helps stimulate collagen and elastin and the personalised WOW fusion® will hydrate, brighten, stimulate and improve the appearance, texture and tone of your skin.


WOW Fusion

Contra-indications of this treatment:

Allergies to any of the ingredients in the Mesotherapy or the anti-wrinkle Microtoxin product

Skin infection at the injection site

Skin cancers

Also tell us if you are taking any medicines including herbal as some may be contraindicated

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breast-feeding (It is not known if the medicines can be harmful to your unborn child)

Benefits & Skin Concerns Treated

Benefits of WOW fusion®:-

  • Increased hydration
  • Improves collagen and elastin stimulation
  • Improves the structure and integrity of the skin
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • Gives the skin a glass effect finish
  • Creates a glowing appearance
  • Improves sensitive skin
  • Learn key principles of your skin type and what to do at home

WOW fusion® treats these skin concerns:-

  • Rosacea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Oily skin
  • Sun damage and Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretchmarks
  • Hair restoration
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Skin rejuvenation and revitalisation

Treatment Plan

Each treatment plan is tailored to the patient’s skincare needs and can range from regular maintenance treatments to a bespoke course for specific skin conditions.

Procedure time (including consultation)

Procedure time (including consultation):
45 mins.

On set of results

Improvements can be noticed after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen a few months after a course of treatments.

Risks & Complications

Possible mild erythema which will subside within a few hours.



Topical/May not be required.

Duration of results

4-6 weeks for a single treatment and much longer. following a course and patient lifestyle. Maintenance treatment is suggested every 6 weeks.


One treatment (without Botulinum toxin): £160

One treatment (with Botulinum toxin): £280

Bespoke courses available for specific skin concerns: POA


*All of our treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary. They require minimal downtime and any potential side effects will be discussed during your consultation. However, the results, downtime and recovery following treatment will vary between patients due to variables including the patient’s metabolism, lifestyle and area of treatment.

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