I would highly recommend Sonia's services

I had my first ever anti-wrinkle treatment for my upper face with Sonia few weeks back and I wish I decided to do it sooner! Sonia explained the process, listened to what my expectations were and delivered amazing results! The whole process from start to finish was very professional and reassuring. I would highly recommend Sonia’s services.

– JZ

Excellent Process

Having the chemical peel with Sonia was overall an excellent process. I felt so comfortable to start with.
I suffer with acne, taking medication and using a prescribed gel that is a slow process for medication to work straight away when I get a flare up. However, the result from just one chemical peel is unbelievable, my skin has cleared up a lot already, it feels a lot firmer and has a lot more radiance. I am finally happier looking in the mirror now.
I am so excited for the next peels to see my results get even better.
I would definitely recommend this treatment, especially if you’re looking for radiance, firmer younger-looking skin, and a significant reduction in acne.

– BR

I definitely recommend the B12 shots

Firstly, I would like to point out how well Sonia interacts with the clients regarding the health and vitality benefits of the Vitamin B12 shot and the due diligence which is carried out beforehand. I generally eat very healthily and visit the gym regularly but I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of sleep I am having, as well as the added benefits when I wake up; more energised, relaxed and happier as I know I have had a real good sleep. A major change has been the need NOT to hit the ‘’Snooze button on the Alarm’’ as I have felt alert and ready for the day ahead. I have also begun to notice that my skin seems to be improving and look forward to the longer-term benefits on this. I definitely recommend the B12 shots and will be continuing on them at regular intervals.

– PP

I'm loving the positive and life- changing effects

I have taken 2 B12 Energy shots to date and it has changed my day-to-day life. I have stage 4 endometriosis (with lots of operations over the last 5 years), so feeling low, having heavy periods, fatigue and general malaise was normal but my biggest upset was having dry skin and ‘scrappy’ hair, I had forgotten how it felt to feel ‘normal’. I also have coeliac disease. After the first shot, I didn’t feel much for a few days but I found my hair was getting softer and my dry rosacea on my face was clearing up. BUT after the second shot, I felt like I was 10 years younger, I was staying up later, I started cardio at the gym, my stomach was more settled and my energy levels were sky high!! I can’t thank Sonia enough for introducing me to the Energy shots. I wish I had known about them before. I will continue on them regularly, on a maintenance basis as I am loving the positive and life-changing effects its has had on me.

– MT

Made me feel very relaxed and comfortable

I can’t recommend Sonia enough. Friendly, professional, talked through all the steps of my facial aesthetic treatment very clearly. Made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Very happy with the results!

– MP

I know I can be really particular when choosing skincare

I cannot thank Sonia enough for being so patient with me – I know I can be really particular when choosing skincare as I have looked after my skin since I was 16 years old. She was really amazing in helping me choose my Obagi Medical products.

Thank you so much!

– RL